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Rugs/Durries as Chindi, Jute, Cotton Woven and of Natural Fibers:

Rugs play a key role by highlighting chosen spots and breaking monotony on home décor. Rugs made of heavy cotton yarn, are true handloom products from pit-looms making each single piece look unique. At Handfab Home the pit-looms are designed to give a rugged and rich texture.

Rugs and durries can be developed in various lengths to decorate long corridors, bedside, dinning area or 'Accent' spots. .

Handfab Home:products

As per buyer specification up to 8 feet wide. We develop your new programs and co-ordinates. Also, our own creations of trendy innovative designs are always available on tap.

Woven, Non-woven Varieties, Finishing styles, Edge Choice, Pit-loom Designs, Solids, Printed designs, Tufted single side or reversible, Candle wick, Hand knotted, Hand Knotted Fringes, Hemmed, Bordered n Braided Fringes.

Yarn Choices:
Cotton, Chenille, Jute, Poly, Acrylic and Poly cotton.

Blends as:
Modal, Bamboo, Soya, Milk Fiber, Tensile n Hemp.

If specified, non-skid backing, for bathrooms or doormats usage is available.

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