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Carpets & Hand Knotted Hooked :

Hook Rugs perform a major role by highlighting chosen spots and breaking monotony in home décor. Made of heavy cotton yarn, are true hand hooked products from Framed making each single piece look unique. At Handfab Home rugs are designed to give a smooth and rich texture.

Hook rugs and carpets can be developed in various lengths to decorate long corridors, bedside, dinning area or 'Accent' spots. .

Handfab Home:products


As per buyer specification up to 9 feet wide. We develop your new programs and co-ordinates. Also, our own creations of trendy innovative designs are always available on tap.

Woven, Non-woven Varieties, Finishing styles, Edge Choice, Pit-loom Designs, Solids, Printed designs, Tufted single side or reversible, Candle wick, Hand knotted, Hand Knotted Fringes, Hemmed, Bordered n Braided Fringes.

Yarn Choices:
Cotton, Chenille, Jute, Poly, Acrylic and Poly cotton.

Blends as:
Modal, Bamboo, Soya, Milk Fiber, Tensile n Hemp.

If specified, non-skid backing, for bathrooms or doormats usage is available.

 sample creation