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Handfab Home is fully equipped for quick response to client needs of:

  • Extensive Sampling
  • Large Volumes
  • Consistent Quality
  • Timely Delivery
Set-up includes
  • 500 looms of various types.
  • Cutting, sewing and tufting equipment for State-of-the-art fabrication.
  • Captive transportation to counter occasional bottlenecks on timely delivery.
  • Permanent workforce of 1500 loyal and skilled craftsmen – only adult workers.
  • Expert team of traditional and modern textile furnishing designers and weavers.
Our processes are designed to maximize Product Appeal, ensure Quality, minimize Cost and eliminate duplication of Packaging cost and effort.
  • Product Appeal is maximized by optimal exploitation of Handfab Home’s design and sampling skills to develop buyers programs. In addition, our own innovative trendy designs are always available on tap.
  • Quality is assured:- starting with yarn purchase and each processing stage thereafter. Correct attitude, appropriate training and vigilance delivers promised quality – Always.
    Buyer pre-shipment inspection welcomed.
  • Cost is lowest at Handfab Home because of procedures resulting in quality production without wastage, strong yarn buying power, captive manufacturing and long term perspective.
  • Packaging is done to buyer specifications, with Bar Coding, instruction inserts etc., ready for retail shelf.